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Кухня шута

Шуты не бывают веселыми... А еще они не бывают чьими-то.

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А вот не так давно у меня вышел спор по поводу является ли Эпплгейт невообразимым старьем или его все-таки используют. К сожалению на тот момент у меня не было под рукой такой замечательной книжки, чтобы прям таки с цитатой и указанием страницы. А тут попалась в руки:

MCWP 3-35.3 - Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain
Appendix A
Organization for Urban Combat and Fundamental Combat Skills
Section II
Weapons Handling and Firing Techniques

3. Firing Techniques.
c. Pointing Quick Fire. The pointing system is based on the phenomenon that when a
person looks at an object and simultaneously points a finger at it, the finger aligns itself on the
point of focus of the eyes with no conscious effort on the part of the individual. When a
Marine looks at an object and simultaneously brings his rifle to his shoulder, the rifle in effect
becomes an extension of the pointed finger. Consequently, it aligns itself naturally with the
object on which the shooter is focusing.

When a target appears, the Marine will keep both eyes open, concentrating intensely on a
small, specific focal point near the base of the target mass. The rifle is brought simultaneously
to the hollow of the shoulder. The head is held high, stock welded to the jaw. The eyes are 2 -
3 inches over the top of the sights, staring intently at the target. As soon as the rifle is brought
to the shoulder, two quick shots are fired. Focus on the target is not broken during the
interval between initially seeing the target and discharging the rifle.

d. Instinctive Shooting. There may be situations in which a Marine is surprised and may
need to react immediately. If possible, the Marine should engage the threat by using the tip of
the front sight post. However, speed may be more important. The Marine’s weapon and body
are quickly “pointed,” and the target is engaged. It is important that the body be turned with
the weapon in order to achieve a natural point of aim. Simply pointing the weapon will usually
result in a miss. Once the first two shots have been fired and the Marine regains the initiative,
the weapon should be quickly moved to the Marine’s shoulder and the tip of the front post
used for sighting subsequent shots.

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Насколько я понимаю, Эпплгейт все во лишь слегка и по своему интерпретировал часть системы Фейрберна, касательно применения огнестрела. А система Фейрберна незыблема как Вселенная.

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